Closing Cost Calculator

Step 1:

Fill in the “Sales Price” and “Financed Amount” then press Calculate.

(For refinance make the “Sales Price” and “Financed Amount” equal then press Calculate.)

                            Sales Price:     
$          Financed Amount: $

Step 2:

Click Calculate –>                                              

Step 3:

View Your Results


Buyer’s Closing Costs

Seller’s Closing Costs
Owner’s Title Insurance Policy: $
Lender’s Title Insurance Policy: $
Florida Form 9 Title Endorsement: $


Alta Title Endorsements (estimated): $



Title Search Fee: $


Municipal Lien Search: $
Settlement Fee: $
Documentary Stamp Tax on Deed: $
Documentary Stamp Tax on Note: $
Intangible Tax on Note: $
Recording Fees (estimated): $ $
Buyer’s Closing Costs Total:
$ Seller’s Closing Costs  Total: $

Step 4:

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